Tim Tebow Emerges Again From The Dugout After Three Strikeouts

By: Harold Leeder

May 26, 2017

Interest in the Lexington Legends is expected to spike this weekend when former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow visits Lexington on his quest to become an NFL quarterback by playing minor league baseball. Fans have purchased tickets in droves for this weekend’s games hoping they will finally see Tim Tebow lose in Lexington.

The anticipation for Tebow’s visit was at a fever pitch yesterday, but the city was prepared. The Mariott, where the Legend’s opponents usually stay, ordered extra Gideon bibles, and Whitaker Bank Ballpark filled their concession stands with wine and crackers. Even the hot dog vendors traded in their usual stock for a couple of fish and five loaves of bread. Centrepointe developer Dudley Webb promised to have a hotel ready downtown in time for the games.

When Tebow arrived (riding on a donkey due to Single A budget restrictions) he was escorted into the ballpark where he immediately began flipping tables in the gift shop and driving out all who were buying and selling there.

After a (in no way surprising) hit-less night on Thursday, fans will only have a few more chances this weekend (but at least 7 more chances this year) to see the former Florida star roll back the stone and emerge from the dugout after his third strikeout.

After his fourth hit-less at bat, a frustrated Tebow covered his face with a towel. A young fan was able to snag the towel and donated it to the Legends. The Shroud Of Lexington will be displayed for the rest of the season showing the rough outline of Tebow’s face.

The Legends have prepared in-game entertainment centered around Tebow as well. Anytime Tebow strikes out (or is denied three times by the pitcher) the Legends will play a loud rooster crow. They have also moved the visiting team’s on-deck circle closer to the stands so local lepers will have a chance to reach out and touch the former quarterback in hopes of being cured.

Rumors that Tebow would pinch preach at Christ The King on Sunday could not be confirmed.

Legends management is attempting to maintain this unprecedented level of interest by recruiting Jay Cutler or Tony Romo to the Augusta Greenjackets in time for next weekend’s games.