Reports Of Bill Meck Being Terrorized On Air By Man In Green Body Suit

By: Harold Leeder

November 13, 2017

Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is no hunting like the hunting of man.” WLEX Meterologist Bill Meck believes he is on the receiving end of this as he says he is being constantly terrorized while on air by a man wearing a green body suit.

“No one really believes me because the man terrorizing me is invisible to any producers watching the monitors. This is my own personal nightmare come true. I’m being terrorized by my own technology, betrayed by my own green screen,” Meck recalled as he looked wearily at the ground shaking his head.

“It began innocently enough. I saw something moving against the screen at the beginning of a broadcast but then, when the green screen smacked my arm down as I began to point out a cold front, I knew something was afoot.”

LEX18 security is certain that no unauthorized visitors made it into the news room. “He must have had a badge,” said security guard Todd (there was no last name on his name tag). “If he indeed exists at all.”

“It’s become a real problem,” Meck continued. “You can see his outline if you slow down the tape, here and here. At one point it looks like the temperature is trying to pick my nose. I have my suspicions. At first I thought it was Bailey but we’re on at the same time, he has a rock solid alibi.”

The green man allegedly made another appearance Monday morning. “There’s a little green man up here telling me I don’t know how to do my job,” Meck said, breaking from the 8-Day Forecast script. “He likes to whisper things to me. Things you people wouldn’t believe.”

Then the station went to an unscheduled commercial break after Meck lunged at the green screen.