No One Quite Sure What Kevin Renfro Did With Becker Family

By: Harold Leeder

September 1, 2017

In an age where more Morgans seem to be added to the Morgan and Morgan establishment every week, some law watchers have started asking an uncomfortable question that no one has quite been able to answer yet: what did Kevin Renfro do with the Becker family? Renfro seems to have established himself as the face of a law firm, but he has become the face of a law firm which bears another family’s name.

Some in our office, Jeff mainly, think that Kevin Renfro has kidnapped the Becker Law Office and is masquerading as the new lead council in some sort of fully clothed ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ situation. “I dunno about y’all but my eyes are wide open,” concluded Jeff who’s always here but doesn’t really work here per se.

An even more woke law watcher we spoke to believes that Renfro has stashed the Becker family away in the same place the other Isaacs from Isaacs & Isaacs is. “While it’s not based on any facts it’s still a very real possibility,” our source, Clint, who wished to remain anonymous told us.

“I’m just wondering why no one is asking questions about all these lawyers that serve Kentucky and keep disappearing. It’s like once Eric C. Conn hit that New Mexico border everyone stopped looking,” said one man that called our office, and assured us he was not Eric C. Conn, even though we kept asking if he was.

“I don’t know for sure what happened to any of them,” the man that wasn’t Eric C. Conn conceded. “But if the lost Isaacs, Gary Becker and the Hughes that seems to have gotten cut off by Kaughman and Stigger can all team up, Insurance companies in this state would be shaking in their boots.”