Matt Bevin Forced To Stay And Clean Erasers After Recent Facebook Live Video

By: Harold Leeder

August 30, 2017

Former Hall Monitor Matt Bevin’s appearance on Facebook Live yesterday landed him in a bit of hot water with teachers statewide. Bevin used his preferred method of interaction with the public to address the potential cutbacks to state employees pensions, but what drew the ire of many teachers, is when he tried to convince viewers that anyone who does the job of teaching our youth and expects money in return should retire. The governor attempted to end his Facebook Live in time to escape any corporal punishment from teachers, hoping to be saved by the bells for the second time in his life. However, his attempt to “pull a Zach Morris” came to a screeching halt, as he was made to stay after and clean all of the erasers.

“You shouldn’t be doing this for the money,” the leader of the state and recipient of a $128,000 annual salary from the state government told Kentucky’s teachers. “I’ve heard teachers say ‘the kids teach me more than I teach them,’ so really, those teachers should be paying us for the chance to advance their own education.”

Bevin continued, “I made a video that I’ll be releasing later this month, of me in a high school on a Saturday and guess what? None of the so called teachers were even there. There also weren’t even any lesson plans or papers to be graded there or anything, I guess they took them home with them or something.”

As a result of his actions the Kentucky Teachers Association order Bevin to clean all of the erasers, he was given two days of detention and, maybe worst of all, the teachers association called Bevin’s parents at work. A spokesperson for the governor said he expects to be grounded but is hopeful his parents won’t take away his phone, and that teachers don’t vote during his next electoral campaign.