LEX18 Announces New Afternoon Show That’s Just Lee Cruse Complaining About Millennials

By: Harold Leeder

August 28, 2017

After weeks of research, LEX18 has finally found another time during the day to feature the third best thing to come out of Winchester, Lee Cruse. The idea for their new show started when a careless WLEX producer accidentally left the camera’s running after the conclusion of Live With Lee & Hayley.  The camera captured Cruse going on a 30 minute, uninterrupted rant about millennials live on air; and when the ratings for the day came in, the president of WLEX declared, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a hit on our hands.”

The crowd that sits on their couch at 2:30 in the afternoon, not working, seemed to really respond to Cruse’s diatribe about how lazy millennials are.

“Look, Lee is here in studio all the time anyway, he’s got a tent and a cot setup and he just sleeps during commercial breaks,” said producer Jerry Brookheimer. “Until we found this time slot we were only able to get Lee on air four times a day.”

Cruse seems to have no script for the new show, he just simply sits and starts complaining about young people. “Every now and then he’ll kind of run out of steam but when that happens I just mention how confident a young person I know at the station is and he really jumps into gear,” Brookheimer said.

Brookeheimer concluded, “we’re waiting until sweeps week to tell him about Google’s self-driving cars.”