Dan Issel Recalls “Drive-By And Just Drop The Ball In The Basket Challenge”

By: Harold Leeder

July 26, 2017

The ‘Drive-By Dunk Challenge’ is the latest phenomenon to hit social media and many current and former UK basketball personalities have been participating. A group of current players posted a video of themselves driving up to an unsuspecting basketball goal in the middle of a neighborhood and rushing out of the car to ambush the goal with dunks before hopping back in the car to drive away. Head Coach John Calipari even sort of got in on the action by partaking in the ‘Drive Up To Your Own House And Wait For The Gate To Close Behind You, Then Run Out And Dunk It On A Lowered Rim And Hope You Don’t Wake Up Your Wife Challenge.’

With alumni like Anthony Davis and De’Aaron Fox getting in on the action many were interested in seeing if one of UK’s oldest living superstars would be interested in joining in the fun. When asked if he would be participating, legend Dan Issel said, “Not a chance. You’ve got to understand, back in my day this drive-by dunk stuff wasn’t allowed. We had to drive up and then just drop the ball in the hoop. You see, grabbing the rim was illegal and not because of the trespassing.”

Issel continued his nostalgic tale, “Mike Pratt would drive us around and assistant coach Joe B. Hall, who was super into art and murals and stuff, would draw us doing layups. Then we’d take the drawings and show them to all our friends, when we saw them in person. That was how things went viral back then; that and not washing your hands.”

Issel isn’t the only former cat that won’t be participating in the challenge. Cameron Mills said he wouldn’t be joining in, on account of his not being able to dunk. “As soon as they come up with the 3-ball challenge or even the mid-range jumper drive-by challenge I’m in,” Mills said. “I’ll tell you this though, the next time I pass Regal Cinemas I’m gonna do the hashbrag [sic] ‘Drive-By Dunkirk Challenge’. Where you hop out, watch the entire film and get a refill on your large popcorn and then drive away.”