Trendsetter Joe B. Hall Won’t Be The Only Man Wearing A Romper At The Pool This Year

By: Harold Leeder

May 17, 2017

Former University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball Coach Joe B. Hall made waves earlier this week, both in the pool (signature cannonball) and in the world of menswear. The fashion forward former Coach has been spotted wearing a onezie around Lexington’s public pools since 1948, it seems likely that this summer his look may finally catch on. GQ, Esquire and other publications that follow men’s trends closely confirmed that the Male Romper was here for the summer.

“This thing is great,” the legendary coach said. “I love it, it’s laid back, easy to wear, casual, cool in the summer. Maybe the new ones will have pockets, they can design anything nowadays with the computer!”

One of the issues with rompers, as women who’ve worn them for years can attest, is it makes using the restroom difficult to say the least but the addition of the zipper fly has solved the number one problem for men. When asked about the ease of use, Coach Hall said “can you go to the bathroom? well, you can but they don’t really like you doing that in the pool. Hot tub is fair game as far as I’m concerned though, bacteria can’t survive in there.”