Officer Don Begins Furiously Writing His Own Eminem Response Rap For CMAs

By: Harold Leeder

October 11, 2017

Former rapper Eminem made waves last night when he released a freestyle rap at the BET Hip Hop Awards that lashed out at President Donald Trump. He hit Trump and his supporters with a fury of nearly rhyming lines pulled straight from a Huffington Post article’s comment section, while taking breaks to catch his breath and show off his middle finger. The video began circulating online immediately after it’s airing and caught the attention of many, specifically, Lexington’s own CMA award winner Officer Don.

Don announced this morning that he would be recording and releasing a response rap as part of his much anticipated CMA’s appearance. “Awards shows are no time for politics, you never see people talking about politics at the Oscars, but once Eminem laid down the gauntlet, I had to accept,” Don said. “Some people have said ‘Hey Don, country music and hip hop don’t mix,’ and I’m like ‘uhhh tell that to Senator Kid Rock.’”

Don then got more specific about the Eminem video and what he disliked about it. “I hated everything about that video. First off, he was in a parking garage. Parking garages have a ton of that sweet, sweet traffic, but they have roofs so you can’t see any of the good stuff from your chopper. They are literally one of my least favorite things.”

Don has reportedly already reserved CentrePointe to film his video. While the backdrop of the somewhat filled in hole will provide an aesthetic match to the abandoned Detroit parking garage Eminem used, many are asking why Officer Don bothered to reserve something that will likely never open to the public. “I hear there will be a Jack Ruby’s Steakhouse there too, why don’t you get us some reservations there instead,” joked Officer Don’s on-air but not real life partner DeAnn. “I support Officer in this (they’re on a first name basis). I’ll be behind him, out of focus and leaning against a car. My presence will never really be explained but it will help make him look tough I’m told.” DeAnn finished with, “but next year, I get the song.”