McConnell Fails To Pick Out Something On Netflix Before Wife’s Deadline

By: Harold Leeder

July 19, 2017

After his recent defeat in the battle for the senate healthcare bill, and a record number of consecutive online losses in Rocket League, the once renown Senator Mitch McConnell is in a slump he just can’t get out of.

His bad luck continued last night when the senator and his wife, Elaine Chao, were trying to find a new show to binge on and found themselves struggling to find common ground. The two spent close to an hour bundled up in snuggies, aimlessly clicking the next button on the Playstation controller.

“I told him, either pick something out in the next five minutes or we’re watching Scandal,” explained an annoyed Chao, “I mean he’s just flicking through shows without any real plan, he doesn’t know what he wants to watch, he just knows he doesn’t want to watch Scandal, but to be perfectly honest Scandal isn’t all bad, I think he just doesn’t like the stigma that goes with watching it. I feel like if I could skip the title card of Scandal and just call it The West Wing he’d be more than happy to watch it.”

McConnell’s stalling was once a trademarked tactic, however now it seems everyone is calling him on his bluff. When he tried to explain his strategy he said that he turned to his wife and asked, “Honey, I know we were watching Stranger Things and you liked it, but what if I told you I could make it better by taking that away from you,” and as his wife ignored him he shouted, “That’s what it’ll be like watching Scandal tonight.”