Market Watch: Mad Mushroom Shares Plunge Over Summer

By: Harold Leeder

August 10, 2017

While many students are reluctantly preparing to go back to school next week the semester can’t start soon enough for Mad Mushroom’s stock holders. Investors are worried after a steep earnings shortfall in second quarter and the price of the stock has reflected the uncertainty. “Our business plan is really modeled on being open later than other places and the only people that are ordering pizza late into the night are students,” said store manager Shelia Crimini. “Students get drunk a lot further away from our flagship location during the summer, we still get some late night calls asking if we’ll deliver a super 20 to Ted’s Mom’s house in Dayton but you can only do so many of those in one night.”

Crimini continued, “the summer months have always been the slowest for us and our financial forecasts have predicted that, but now with Goodfellas opening and using a similar business model but serving a better version of our product things have been different.”

Mad Mushroom has not thrown in the towel yet though. They’re hoping to win back investors and settle the nerves of the current share holders by increasing their focus on pizza-adjacent foods. “We’ve gotten as good as we’re gonna get at Pizza, but we’ve got some other stuff we’re working on too. You may ask why does my enormous order of cheese sticks come with cups of pizza sauce and ranch dressing, and we ask why not? That’s the kind of ingenuity we bring to the pizza game.”