Lexington Legends To Give Away Life-size Lee Cruse Bobblehead At Home Opener

By: Harold Leeder

April 13, 2017

The minor leagues are where some of the best promotions and worst baseball take place, and fans headed to Whitaker Bank Ballpark for tonight’s home opener will be greeted with both, as the 2-5 Lexington Legends are giving away a life-size bobblehead of LEX 18 Sunrise correspondent Lee Cruse.

“Authenticity is important, so it’s a little bit smaller than the bobbleheads we usually give away,” said a spokesman for the team. “But we here at the Lexington Legends strive for accuracy, except on long throws to first base of course.”

The bobblehead will feature a removable leather jacket, and instead of moving up and down Lee’s head will move from side to side as he shakes it in disgust.

Other promotions planned for this season include: Coach Cal’s ‘One And Not Done’ Hot Dog Night (All-you-can-eat hot dogs until one of the Legends gets called up), Run The Bases While Being Chased By Alan Cutler Night, Rob Bromley Explains Baseball To Your Mom Night, Play Third Base Until You Make An Error Night (First 25 fans get to line up on the third base line and rotate in when someone makes an error), and ‘I Think It’s Time You Met Jeff’ Night (a night for divorced moms who are ready to introduce their adult sons to their new boyfriend Jeff).