LEX18 Sports Coverage Will Be Broadcast On Delay Due To Dorian Craft Beer Week

By: Harold Leeder

May 15, 2017

Every year Lexington’s finest brewers spend all their time preparing themselves for this, the third week in May, Dorian Craft Beer Week.  Now in it’s third year, this event has added even more new vendors and events, and this year promises to be even bigger than the last.

The timeline itself for Dorian Craft Beer week has even been expanded this year. While “Craft Beer Week” is celebrated across America, from May 15-21, LEX18 Sports Anchor Dorian Craft has decided that this year her own personal celebration of all things beer started on Friday.  “Lexington has really expanded its brewing market, and it seems a new shop is opening here in town every month, and for 10 days a year Dorian Craft is determined to try them all,” the anchor explained in third person.

“Craft beer isn’t for everyone, you literally need my palate to enjoy it,” she explained, “so why not give back to the Lexington beer scene, by drinking everything they’ve got.”

While many of Lexington’s vendors enjoy her weeklong celebration of all things beer, news station LEX18 has learned its lesson of the last few years, and understand that letting an unedited Craft on air can be dangerous during her 10 day festival of ales, and have decided to broadcast all of their sports coverage on a 7 second delay, to account for any last minute edits that may need to take place.

Craft’s co-worker Keith Farmer explained how the standard beer week unfolds, “She’s pretty good for the first few days, but by Thursday you’ll see some hiccups, which lead to giggles, and before you know it she’s live on air yelling quotes from Training Day.”