Kid Embarrassed That His Dad And Drake Have The Same Hoodie

By: Harold Leeder

October 16, 2017

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. “What a great event, this was a great weekend,” said father, Big Blue Madness watcher, father and proud owner of ‘Kentucky Dad’ sweatshirt, Keith Miller. “This was one of the worst weekends of my life,” said somewhat overdramatic Kentucky son Cayden Miller.

“It was great to see this rapper guy Doctor Drake wearing the exact same sweatshirt I had on,” Keith Miller said before being interrupted by his son informing him that it was just Drake. Doctor Dre is someone entirely different Cayden explained before putting his head in his hands and letting out an exasperated sigh after his mother asked if these guy’s names were a play on ‘Dr. Drake Ramoray,’ “the character Joey played on that soap opera on Friends.”

“This weekend was great, not only did I look cool all weekend, I didn’t get mad at the UK football team once. I’ve also ordered 4 more sweatshirts just like this one,” Keith said pointing at his now somewhat dingy ‘Kentucky Dad’ sweatshirt. “My boy is so lucky to have a dad as cool as Drake.”

“My dad thinking he is Drake is a bad look for Drake,” Cayden said. “This is a worse look for Drake than that time he airmailed that three.”

Keith grinned as he said told his son, “just wait until Snoop Dogg and I have the same ‘World’s Greatest Grandpa’ mug.”