Horse From GattiTown Merry-Go-Round Breaks Record at Keeneland Auction

By: Harold Leeder

January 12, 2018

The Keeneland horse sales have been off to the races this past week. Record-breaking numbers sealed the deal on a horse with an unlikely background. The Merry-Go Round at Gatti-Town.

A hum took over the floor as handlers wheeled in the candy coated stallion. The auctioneer went over the horses pedigree. “Trained at Gatti-Town farms by Gatti-Town’s Senior Fun Coordinator, Max. This cross breed Peppermint Palomino is well skilled in dressage, track racing and birthday parties. Shall we start the bidding at One million dollars?”

The bid was immediately raised by famed Irish horse trainer Mickey SoccerCabbage. “Aye! A million and a half!”

The price of the horse went up and down as the bids went round and round. A moneyed lady in a fur coat peering through opera glasses fainted at the final price. “8 million dollars!” From a silent bidder for a yet unnamed Saudi Family.

Wheel barrels of Skee Ball tickets were then ushered into the room to trade for the horse. “She’s worth every last cent,” says her trainer, Max, GattiTown’s senior fun coordinator. “With her gone, there’s a space that can’t be filled.”

He’s right. A child just stands on the Merry-Go-Round holding onto a steel pole as the ride spins whilst her friends sit on top of glittering magical ponies. Finally she sits down on the weird mirror bench normally reserved for your memaw to sit on when she was watching you for the weekend.