Coach Cal Confident The Wildcats Can Cut Down Net Neutrality In March

December 15, 2017

Yesterday the FCC voted 3-2 to repeal Net Neutrality, in a landmark decision made by a group who most people thought just regulated the Howard […]

Kid Embarrassed That His Dad And Drake Have The Same Hoodie

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. “What a great event, this was a great weekend,” said father, Big Blue […]

Your 9 Best Bets For The Opening Weekend Of Keeneland’s Fall Meet

Keeneland is a time for gambling, whether it’s betting on horses or eating burgoo without asking questions about what it’s made from you’ll need all […]

University Of Louisville Hires A Mathematician Named Karen To DeSypher FBI Report

In the wake of CBS news reporting that Rick Pitino is actually the unnamed “Coach 2” referred to in the court documents that sent shockwaves […]

With Only Hours Before He’s Fired Rick Pitino Is Going On A Wild Rule Breaking Spree

The the end of the Pitino era seemingly imminent, the University of Louisville Head Basketball Coach is reportedly spending his last hours on an energetic […]

Everyone At Your Office Agrees To Not Ask Each Other About Their Weekend Today

After a weekend that few UK Football fans will forget no matter how hard they try, a mutual agreement has been reached at area offices […]

New Parking Issues At Kroger Field After Kroger Installs Shopping Cart Returns

Saturday evening the University of Kentucky may see their largest football game tailgate crowd ever, and unfortunately they’ll have to do it with 56 less […]

Rob Bromley Drafts Johnny Unitas In WKYT Fantasy Football League

The WKYT news team held their annual fantasy football draft last night and, in honor of his upcoming retirement, Rob Bromley was made league commissioner […]

Dan Issel Recalls “Drive-By And Just Drop The Ball In The Basket Challenge”

The ‘Drive-By Dunk Challenge’ is the latest phenomenon to hit social media and many current and former UK basketball personalities have been participating. A group […]

NCAA Announces UofL Records Will Be Going On Vacation

Thursday afternoon the NCAA announced it’s punishment for the University of Louisville would include the vacation of records from the 2010 season through the 2014 […]