Jim Gray Hasn’t Returned From Lunch But Put A Full Workday On His Timesheet

February 16, 2018

The Mayor’s office, while open and operating this dreary Friday afternoon, is a little more quiet than usual as Jim Gray still hasn’t returned from […]

Plenty Of Time After All Says 83rd District

Time’s Up is a movement that is currently sweeping the nation. In Hollywood and online the Time’s Up movement means time is up for sexual […]

The Summit’s 10,000th Customer To Be Named City’s Next Mayor

With recent mayoral candidate announcements registering an all-time low on the boredom scale, The Summit at Fritz Farm has decided to make an exciting revelation […]

Andy Barr Wastes Vacation Day On Day Government Was Shut Down

It was announced Friday evening that since a new budget had not been passed the federal government would be shutting down. The news understandably hit […]

Governor Bevin Checking People’s Insurance at Kroger Blood Pressure Machine

The recent announcement of changes to Medicaid requirements caught many Kentucky residents off guard. Even more unexpected was what Governor Matt Bevin was seen doing […]

Jeff Hoover Hopes The House Will Discuss Jeff Hoover Again Today

Before his lengthy resignation, former House Speaker Jeff Hoover had laid out a exhaustive 60-page agenda which planned to take advantage of a Republican controlled […]

Explosive New Book Takes A Look Inside Jim Gray’s First 8 Years In Office

An explosive new eBook titled ’50 Shades Of Jim Gray’ is expected to be released sometime next week. The book’s author spent years sitting on […]

Mitch McConnell Buys Terrarium for Amazon Echo

At a recent staff meeting congressional aides were surprised to see the senator cradling the Amazon Echo in his arms and stroking its speaker. They […]

Jeff Hoover Releases Statement on Winchester Topix

Late Sunday night, Kentucky State Congressman Jeff Hoover wrote a lengthy post regarding the recent allegations he is facing on the Winchester Topix page. The […]

Jim Gray Wants To Ignore Lexington’s Problems All The Way To Washington

Former vice mayor Jim Gray has announced plans to run for unemployment in 2018. His backup plan is becoming congressman for the 6th Congressional District. […]