McConnell Fails To Pick Out Something On Netflix Before Wife’s Deadline

July 19, 2017

After his recent defeat in the battle for the senate healthcare bill, and a record number of consecutive online losses in Rocket League, the once […]

Mike Pence Rents Speech, Tent And Audience For Appearance Today At Bryant’s Rent-All

Future former Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to speak today at one of Lexington’s most storied venues, the Bryant Rent-All on Red Mile Road, […]

Rand Paul Begs McConnell To Wait On Obamacare Repeal Until After Burger Week

Republican lawmakers have made restructuring healthcare laws, to ensure their name is attached to it instead of some former President’s, their top priority since the […]

Courier-Journal Vows To Blackmail Meme Creator, If Someone Would Tell Them Who Made It

Governor Matt Bevin re-tweeted a gif on Facebook yesterday, the content of which involved him doling out yet another cheap shot to his sworn enemy […]

State Funded Travel Ban Forces The California Raisins To Cancel Rupp Arena Show

Yesterday, a letter addressed to our city’s former vice mayor declared, that the state of California would not be granting an exemption from its travel […]

Rand Paul Opposes Healthcare Bill, Says He Has A More PERManent Solution

Yesterday, Republicans unveiled their 142 page bill designed to finally defeat Obamacare and overhaul the American health care system. The bill had been scrutinized even […]

Jim Gray Buys 4th Phone This Summer After Jumping Into Pool With It In His Pocket Again

Former Vice Mayor Jim Gray was spotted, once again this summer, at the AT&T store next to El Toro and Denny‚Äôs on Nicholasville Road, purchasing […]

Matt Bevin Releases New Diss Track On Facebook Live

Yesterday, Governor Matt Bevin did what any pre-teen does these days when they’re upset, and released a sick diss track on Facebook Live. The Governor […]

Trump Calls Dan Cummins For Advice On Paris Climate Deal

Donald Trump spent much of his presidential campaign and countrywide hat selling tour talking about ways to put “America First” by forcing other countries to […]

Matt Bevin Now Using Facebook Live Press Conferences To Sell Discounted Ray Bans

The most instagrammed governor in Kentucky’s history currently has a social media presence topping out at an all time high, and he’s decided it’s about […]