Alison Lundergan Grimes Vies For Role As Coolest Secretary Of State In America

November 16, 2017

By next year the Commonwealth of Kentucky will get a whole lot better at hacky sack and a whole lot worse at harshing our mellow, […]

Bevin’s Pension Fix Begins With His “Unleash The Pension Within” Seminar Series

Kentucky Governor and honorary Mayor of Guntown Mountain, Matt Bevin, gathered a number of high ranking government officials and poorly paid reporters in a meeting […]

Bevin’s Pension Reform Includes Putting All Our Spare Climate Change Into A Coinstar

Governor Matt Bevin isn’t quite ready to start finalizing his plan to overhaul the Commonwealth’s growing pension problem, but his impromptu facebook live broadcast discussing […]

Jim Gray Barricaded In His Office Watching New Taylor Swift Video On Loop

It’s been over two weeks since Taylor Swift debuted the music video to her new song ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ and Mayor Jim […]

Matt Bevin Still Thinks College Degrees Help People Get Jobs

Governor Matt Bevin took some time off of ranting on Facebook Live yesterday to rant at a post-secondary education conference where he attempted to mansplain […]

Second Protest To Be Held Downtown As Soon As People Figure Out What DACA Is

Last night hundreds of Lexington residents gathered in front of the courthouse downtown, to protest the Trump administration’s recent decision to end the DACA program, […]

Matt Bevin Forced To Stay And Clean Erasers After Recent Facebook Live Video

Former Hall Monitor Matt Bevin’s appearance on Facebook Live yesterday landed him in a bit of hot water with teachers statewide. Bevin used his preferred […]

McConnell Reunites With Trump After Realizing How Hard It Is Being Single Nowadays

While America’s hottest will-they-or-won’t-they couple of 2017 went cold for a couple weeks, the two have reunited according to McConnell’s Facebook relationship status and statements […]

This Year’s Fancy Farm Downgraded To Ornate Farm

This weekend is Kentucky’s annual Fancy Farm Picnic, a place where politicians from across the state gather to pander to crowds and pretend like they […]

Andy Barr Refuses To Give Up His Seat To Female Veteran

Yesterday, in a video that circulated on social media and that I assured my wife that I’d watched, ex-marine Amy McGrath announced she was running […]