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Ark Encounter Just The Latest Example Of Why Boats Are Bad Investments

July 21, 2017

The full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark, filled with really cool dinosaurs but none of the good transformers, was created by Answers In Genesis leader Ken […]

Mandatory 3 Day Waiting Period Between Restaurant Theme Weeks Is Up; Eats Week Is Here

Lexington residents are rejoicing today as they are finally able to eat again. Modeled after some state’s laws, Lexington has required a three-day waiting period […]

Bill Meck Oversleeps After Staying Up Responding To ‘Winter Is Here’ Tweets

A frazzled WLEX Meterologist Bill Meck arrived late to work this morning. Meck rushed into the office, a loose tie around his neck, his glasses […]

We Took A Picture Of CentrePointe Every Day For The Past 5 Years, Watch How Far We’ve Come

CentrePointe has been a landmark in downtown Lexington for generations. We started taking a picture of CentrePointe every day 5 years ago to track the […]

Viral Angry Burger Week Note Is Nothing Compared To What Applebee’s Servers See Daily

Lexington’s Burger Week, can bring out the best in local chefs. Their creativity and passion are tested by the week-long marathon of making delicious burgers […]

Jayden K Smith Hacks Into City’s Mainframe After Jim Gray Accepts Friend Request

The city of Lexington lies in peril Monday morning after the city’s entire computing mainframe was taken over by famed Facebook hacker Jayden K. Smith. […]

The Pub Charged Customers An Increased Amount Of Tax Yesterday, With No Explanation

The Pub, over near Fayette Mall, has become a gathering place for many Loyalists every year on July 4th, and this year was no exception. […]

Uncle Jeff Returns After An All Day Trip To Tennessee For The Cool Fireworks

The Lewis family ended an anxious Sunday night with celebration after Uncle Jeff returned from his expedition to Thunder Sam’s Fireworks in Jellico, Tenessee. Jeff […]

State Funded Travel Ban Forces The California Raisins To Cancel Rupp Arena Show

Yesterday, a letter addressed to our city’s former vice mayor declared, that the state of California would not be granting an exemption from its travel […]

Historic Photo Suggests KY May Have Always Been A Habitat For Sharks And Dysentery

On Tuesday afternoon, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officials announced to Kentuckians that when it comes to bull sharks living in the commonwealth’s waterways, they had […]