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Lexington Holds World’s 1st ‘Can’t Anyone Drive in the Rain?’ Contest

February 15, 2018

The Lexington Streets & Roads Department held the world’s first “Can’t Anyone Drive in the Rain?” contest this morning. Poor motorists from all over the […]

“Why Are We Eating HERE Tonight?” Lexington’s Valentine’s Day Restaurant Guide

Known as the birthplace of Fazoli’s and home of two separate Applebee’s locations, the city of Lexington is no stranger to fine dining. Tonight, more […]

92.1 Classic Rock Accidentally Plays Pink Floyd “Deep Cut”

92.1 Classic Rock, normally a go-to for people seeking an hour of ZZ Top and Autozone Commercials, took a left turn as a DJ hijacked […]

Man That Buried Bodies Under CenterPointe Breathing Huge Sigh Of Relief

With construction on CentrePointe finally starting to take shape after nearly a decade of inaction the city is collectively breathing a sigh of relief, but […]

Budget Cuts Could Impact Chevy Chase’s Annual Fletch Parade

Resident’s of Lexington’s Chevy Chase neighborhood are already up in arms at the prospect of budget cuts impacting their annual Fletch Parade. Lexington’s French Quarter […]

Former Atomic Cafe Site Still Radioactive

It’s been over two years since the fall of the Atomic Cafe. The previous owners having different fissions for the space, subsequently splitting the Atomic […]

LeGarrett Blount, Chris Long And Darryl Isaacs Celebrate Back To Back Superbowl Wins

Last year LeGarrett Blount and Chris Long celebrated a Super Bowl victory as members of the New England Patriots and this year they celebrated as […]

Groundhog Emerges From Two Keys With 5 O’Clock Shadow, 6 More Weeks Of Binge Drinking

Pennsylvania may have the most famous groundhog but that doesn’t make it any less of a holiday for other groundhogs across the country. But a […]

Skyline Chili And La Rosa’s Pizza First Wave Of Little Cincinnati Migration

A LaRosa’s Pizzeria is set to open next to Skyline Chili on Richmond Road and cement stage two of Cincinnati’s plan to annex Lexington and […]

Teens Arrested In Mall Fight Will Appear In Food Court Today

A fight at the Fayette Mall over the weekend made headlines and today two of the teens involved will appear before the Food Court facing […]