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UK Diplomas Now Sponsored By Raising Cane’s

November 20, 2017

Raising Cane’s has won a bid to sponsor University of Kentucky diplomas. The relatively useless pieces of paper (in today’s job market) will be stamped […]

Leprechauns And Feds Finally Agree Rainbow Crosswalk Too Dangerous

In a city where none of the pedestrians pay attention to crosswalks or traffic signals when crossing the street, one particular crosswalk continues to be […]

14 Tips To Prepare For Lexington’s High Speed Internet

Jim Gray announced that Lexington is set to become the country’s first ‘giga-bit city’ where internet provider MetroNet’s high-speed, fiber optic internet service will be […]

Reports Of Bill Meck Being Terrorized On Air By Man In Green Body Suit

Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is no hunting like the hunting of man.” WLEX Meterologist Bill Meck believes he is on the receiving end of […]

America’s Bravest Men And Women Too Nervous To Take Applebees Up On Free Meal Offer

“War is hell, but this is worse,” said decorated Army veteran James McGill as he sat down his fork after taking a bite of the […]

Unknown Local Goes to Willie’s Locally Known

A self-titled “Willies Addict,” Todd Winters, considers himself a regular diner at Willie’s Locally Known. Unfortunately for him, he’s one that no employee ever recognizes. […]

Speedway Unable to Make Pizza Week Submission Worth $5

If you notice some grease on the cashier’s safety glass it must be Lexington’s Pizza Week! Pizzerias, pizza parlors and buffets are serving up two […]

Lexington Named Top Place To Live Above Abandoned Retail Space

With recent closings of local restaurants and businesses, plus looming construction projects like CentrePointe promising even more commercial space, Lexington’s leading economists are saying we’re […]

The Summit At Fritz Farm Begins Construction On Border Wall

Drivers headed out Nicholasville may notice some activity around The Summit at Fritz Farm. The shopper’s paradise, which opened this past summer with advertisements somewhere […]

Darryl Isaacs Brings VHS Copy Of The Firm To John Grisham Book Signing

A meet and greet discussion between best-selling authors John Grisham and Sue Grafton held at the Kentucky Theater Wednesday night was hijacked by local lawyer […]