Carmike Dollar Theater To Reopen With New Business Plan: 7 Dollar Theater

By: Harold Leeder

August 3, 2017

The Carmike 10 discount movie theater has been a staple for Lexingtonians that like to wait to see movies for a discount and then try to talk to their friends about the movie while their friends try desperately to remember details about the film they all saw at least 8 months prior. However, with the recent announcement that AMC Classic would be purchasing the theater, came news that the dollar theater concept was no more and would instead be replaced by a seven dollar theater model.

“Look, you can go to Regal in Hamburg or some place like that and shell out 12 smackaroos [sic] to see a movie or you can come here without all the frills and fancy seats and see that same film for four dollars less and only a few extra high school kids making out in the back,” said theater manager Kevin Welles. “Why get a Netflix account for around the same price, when you can come see these movies right when they come out but in vein of the classic movie theater experience of yesteryear. The one that featured uncomfortable seats, and old, run down equipment.”

While Carmike was once known as Lexington’s cheapest first date location, AMC Classic 10 is hoping to offer locals a more expensive way to show your date that you’re a cheapskate, “Sorry, maybe I’m not that regal, but who needs a fancy dining experience inside a movie theater? If you want I guess we can run across the street to Tandoor and bring you some Indian food? Maybe I just come from a time when we didn’t coddle our movie goers with leather seats and usable parking lots,” explained Welles. The twenty-seven year old manager concluded by shaking his head and letting out an exasperated “ugh, millennials.”

One patron told us, “I stopped by to check it out and was surprised to see newer films showing. It was definitely different than other theaters I’ve been to, kind of reminded me of olden times. It had the carbon monoxide levels of a drive-in but there were no cars.”