Budget Cuts Could Impact Chevy Chase’s Annual Fletch Parade

By: Harold Leeder

February 8, 2018

Resident’s of Lexington’s Chevy Chase neighborhood are already up in arms at the prospect of budget cuts impacting their annual Fletch Parade. Lexington’s French Quarter (the part of the street right outside Bourbon n’ Toulouse) has hosted the traditional parade since 1986.

Every year, residents celebrate the film about an undercover newspaper reporter by lining the streets of Chevy Chase dressed in their favorite Fletch disguise and cheer as the parade passes them by. “I’m excited to see the lead float,” said one annual parade goer in reference to the giant paper mache Chevy Chase head that leads the parade. “Every year it gets bigger and bigger, just like the real Chevy Chase’s head.”

Not everyone is loves the parade just for the festivities. “I like going to meet girls, there’s a lot of Chevy Chasers there,” said a be speckled man with graying hair. A suburban dictionary search tells us that a ‘chevy chaser’ is a woman who is being shamed because she is into guys that look like Chevy Chase.

“I just really love Fletch, it’s so funny, just the idea that a person could make a living as a newspaper reporter. It’s just a good concept,” said one resident. “It’s not just Fletch though, I live in this neighborhood because I love all of Chevy’s work. He’s like if Bill Murray were a jerk. If they take this parade away from us, I don’t know man, I guess I’ll move somewhere named after my second favorite amigo, as soon as they get Martin county all fixed up.”