Brad Calipari Plants Rose Bush For Mom, So Mother’s Day Gift Will Be Earned Not Given

By: Harold Leeder

May 12, 2017

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday, and while many Lexingtonians are planning to attend church for the first time since Easter and frantically trying to purchase flowers from Kroger, the first son of Kentucky Basketball has been prepared for this day for weeks now. Brad Calipari spent a weekend last month planting rose bushes in the Calipari’s backyard garden. His plan is to give his mother, Ellen Calipari, a card Sunday morning informing her of the roses and giving detailed her detailed instructions on how to care for them.

“Look, I could be like everyone else and just pick up a bouquet from a florist or order some from Pro Flowers or something but that’s the easy way out,” Brad said. “On the other hand, if she has to water and care for these flowers to get them she will cherish them even more. These flowers will be earned, not given. Trust me, I know, it feels much better to work for something and know that it wasn’t just given to you, that you earned it. I think she’s really going to appreciate this gift.”

When reached for comment, Coach John Calipari said “Ellen is the type of mom that will be the first to get in the garden and the last to leave.  She’ll put in the work.” Calipari checked over his shoulder to see if anyone was listening then concluded “I think Ellen will be happy with anything that doesn’t include another Brad tattoo.”