Andy Barr Wastes Vacation Day On Day Government Was Shut Down

By: Harold Leeder

January 22, 2018

It was announced Friday evening that since a new budget had not been passed the federal government would be shutting down. The news understandably hit some government employees very hard as they are unsure if and when they will resume getting paychecks. However, Kentucky Congressman Andy Barr also seems to be distressed about the shutdown, but for a slightly different reason.

“I took a vacation day,” Barr said. “I took a vacation day today and then the government shuts down. I would’ve been off work anyway and now they won’t let me get that vacation day back. I sent Mitch McConnell an email asking for some leniency here. I mean, no one’s coming in, just because I already had it scheduled on the vacation calendar that means it’s set in stone?”

Things went from bad to worse for Barr when he found out the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum was closed. “Fine, Mitch won’t give me my vacation day back. Rand Paul wouldn’t write me an eye doctor’s note so I could switch it to a sick day. Whatever, I just moved on and went ahead with my day off. I was gonna visit the Air and Space Museum but I show up and they are closed! What are the odds of that?!”

An angry Andy Barr spent the rest of the day firing off emails to other representatives asking why no one had warned him about the shutdown. As of press time no one had responded to his emails.