Andy Barr Refuses To Give Up His Seat To Female Veteran

By: Harold Leeder

August 2, 2017

Yesterday, in a video that circulated on social media and that I assured my wife that I’d watched, ex-marine Amy McGrath announced she was running for Congress, I’m very sure of it, because I totally watched it.

McGrath, who it is assumed is Mark’s wife, was wearing a pretty bad ass jacket as she walked around on a runway, talking about how important politics are nowadays.

“Today I’m asking for Andy Barr’s seat. Specifically his seat in Congress, not some seat on a bus or something,” explained the new candidate for what I think is like the real Congress, not the state representative kind.

Later, Barr tried explain why he wouldn’t give up his seat. “I’m sure she’s a terrific pilot, better than Red Baron pizza even, but that doesn’t mean I’m just going to give her my seat in Congress.”

McGrath said in her statement “Look, maybe I’ve had too many old fashioneds, but I like to think this is still a society where if a woman or a child needs a seat, you offer them yours.”

Throughout the video McGrath, whom you may remember from her breakout role as Ice Box in the film Little Giants, went right after the future former congressman. “Andy Barr, prepare to feel my McWrath,” she exclaimed as she placed a wicked cool fighter jet helmet on and gave the thumbs up to I’m assuming an air traffic controller.

“You ever see Top Gun? That’s pretty much my whole life,” is a good summation of what McGrath probably said toward the end of the pretty long video.

The following piece is a letter from our editor and thereby may not be as fact driven as the usual standard we strive to maintain.