92.1 Classic Rock Accidentally Plays Pink Floyd “Deep Cut”

By: Harold Leeder

February 12, 2018

92.1 Classic Rock, normally a go-to for people seeking an hour of ZZ Top and Autozone Commercials, took a left turn as a DJ hijacked the station to introduce listeners to some “Deep Cuts”.

Listeners heard a scuffle as the regular DJ Max Corona was audibly forced out of the studio. An unfamiliar raspy voice introduced a song from “Pre Buckingham and Nicks” Fleetwood Mac: “Oh Well”.

The raspy voice said the track was meant to rattle the listener’s brain case.

Fellow DJ Tasha Stevens noticed something was up once she realized the track wasn’t from Rumours and rushed to the station’s emergency intercom system.

“This is not a drill!” she yelled. “Or John Mellancamp!” She pressed the evacuation button that cued Phil Collins “Sussidio” to come on throughout the building. People immediately rushed out of their offices. By the time management got outside the locked and barricaded booth the station was well into Pink Floyd’s Meddle. The entire album. Police were notified soon after the DJ promised some stuff from Floyd’s Syd Barret-era later in the hour.

A Swat operation commenced as “Echoes” was peaking. (I mean just imagine that. A swat team moving around to Floyd. Pretty trippy, right?)

Listeners accustomed to melting away to Bob Seger during their lunch break were left with little detail of the situation. The DJ now referring to himself as “The Wolfman” promised to “Wake their souls with Rock N Roll!” then howled into the microphone before an Outback commercial abruptly cut in.

“Y’all the ones in chains, Daddio!” said the Wolfman while being handcuffed and hauled away in a police car. Then he started singing the lyrics to Floyd’s “Pigs”.

Staff are still waiting to regain full control of the station as “Sussudio” is stuck on repeat.